Emerald Ash Borer
The History & Control of EAB

The Emerald Ash Borer was identified in the U.S. 2002. It has resulted in the destruction of millions of Ash trees throughout Michigan, and has begun to spread across the upper Midwest.

There have been many misconceptions about how to prevent and control Emerald Ash Borer infestations. This video provides details about EAB symptoms and diagnosis as well as an overview of successful chemical treatments using fertilizers and the pesticide imidacloprid.

Dr. Dave Roberts, with Michigan State University, describes his experiences with Emerald Ash Borer from discovery through successfully controlling Emerald Ash Borer, both preventatively and curatively, in residential, commercial, and municipal environments.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Michigan Green Industry Association (MGIA) for their support of the Arborist profession and the preservation of Ash trees.

History of Emerald Ash Borer

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1. History of EAB
2. USDA Eradication Program
3. Symptoms/Diagnosis
4. Residential Case Study

5. Chemical Research
6. Estate Case Study
7. Municipal Case Study
8. Airport Case Study
9. Saving Trees from EAB